IECH Mission, Guidelines & Policies

ICEH is a chapter of American Nutritional Medical Association (ANMA), founded in 1984,incorporated with the office of the Secretary of State, Indiana, association recognizes and responds to issues facing the 21st-century suffering humanity while remaining rooted in respected traditions that define the human-nature relationship.  It is at the forefront of the effort to educate CAM practitioners to serve as front-line defenders of the public against various ailments,  Through a variety of educational, outreach and advocacy activities, it works to advance member development; promote the professional and scientific standards of natural and traditional medicine; improve the business and work environment for CAM practioners; and to serve as the public voice for natural medicine globally. Read more:

1. Our chapter exists for the benefit of  electrohomeopathic/ holistic practitioners who are members or potential members of the International Council of Electro Homeopathy (ICEH), by providing opportunities for networking, education, and transformational activities related to holistic health and in keeping with the principles of the ICEH.

2. We develop and maintain our own operating guidelines, consistent with these
ICEH Chapter Principles and with ICEH’s bylaws and operating principles. Our guidelines define Chapter leadership roles, duties and terms. Our guidelines are reviewed annually by our leadership and / or membership and with the ICEH board.

3. Our chapter’s leadership is elected by local chapter members with the following criteria:

a. All leaders are current members of the ICEH in good standing

b. The President must have a doctorate-level degree(DC, DDS, DMD, DMP, DO, DOM, DSC, MD, ND, PharmD, PhDNP, PhDPsych, PsyD)

c. At least two members of the leadership team must hold a medical license (MD, DO, MDH or ND)

d. All others in leadership positions must be licensed providers, except for members who provide a supportive service to the chapter, including legal, marketing, fundraising, and accounting roles, as well as other roles that ICEH l might deem necessary for the function of the chapter

4. All executive members of the chapter must be ANMA members in good standing. No additional dues are required for chapter membership. All ICEH members have voting privileges.
Guests are welcome to chapter events that are open to the public.

5. We are a self-supporting organization. Our efforts are the result of the volunteer time and financial contributions of our membership as well as revenues generated through  our programming. We may request, and on occasion receive, resources and assistance from the national ICEH organization, when such assistance is deemed available and appropriate by mutual determination of the chapter and the ICEH.

6. We acknowledge and support the ICEH’s brand, identity, mission and nonprofit status,being careful to avoid any real or perceived conflicts of interest, and any action that might be contrary to these. We strive to always reflect well the history, culture, and principles of the organization and its members. We acknowledge that as a chapter of the ANMA, we will not pursue any for-profit activities and prohibit any individual or organization from profiting through association with the ICEH name.

7. We develop and maintain a fiscal policy to guide our budget, including, but not limited to, all program expenditures. We ensure legal, financial, and accounting compliance to guard against the misuse of funds or resources. Policy decisions are made by leadership, with consensus whenever possible, and regularly communicated to ICEH’s executive director and the liaison to the Board of Directors.

8. Our chapter reviews its support of the ICEH mission on an annual basis. Support may consist of financial contributions to the ANMA when funds are sufficient, volunteer activities, as well as other resources or efforts. We understand that while there is no minimum requirement for support, we acknowledge our commitment to the ANMA, its vision, and its mission.

Member Benefits
Member Programs & Services 
We hope that you find these resources useful as we continuously seek to improve the tangible rewards you receive as part of your contribution.
ICEH makes it easier and faster for the public to find you.

- Complementary listing on the ICEH  “Find a Practitioner” directory, which has 19,500 visitors monthly
- Use the ICEH Enhanced Directory to make yourself even more visible, and fill in your practice description (licensed practitioners only)
- Free access to ANMA/ IHMS Online’s “Find a Practitioner” Network , where you will be accessible to all visitors


ICEH is proud to partner with renowned publishers to bring you the latest news and research through quality medical journals.

- Free electronic/digital subscriptions:
o Alternative Therapies Journal($100 value)
o Bi-Monthly ANMA newsletters


ICEH’s member discounts include some of the best training and services available to supporters of holistic medicine.
- $100 discount on registration for the annual review course offered by the ANMA/IHMS

- Eligible for a $250 discount on any of the Holistic Health certification programs.

o Members of ICEH are eligible for a $50 discount when they join
American Nutritional Medical Association (ANMA) or International Holistic Medical Society (IHMS)